Conversationally Enhanced Fingertips

I have been working all week to get this up and running. I’ve been so excited about this new project (and nervous), one would assume that I had conjured up some fantastic, mind-blowing, yet seemingly simple first entry to “hook, line and sinker” my audience. However, I did not and am completely winging this pilot script of an entry.

Presently, my boyfriend is at work and texting me non-stop. I love the fact that we are able to have communication instantly and continuously just by the swipe and click of our fingers. That being said, I also love face to face communication. Now, I understand that he isn’t able to come home from work to have dinner and spend time with me at this moment, but i feel conversationally drained by the time we do get to enjoy our one on one time.

When texting first became a thing, it was MAGICAL! *clickclickclick* *clackclackclack* *send message* Boom! Instant plans, friendship, drama, breakups, and hookups. I now find myself cravings those archaic and traditional meetings. Which I know probably seems contradictory of me being that I am virtually venting these desires. But I can’t be the only one feeling this way. Social interaction is becoming limited to the emotions of a keyboard.  Conversations are becoming exhausted before you even say a word. Relationships can be defined by the number of comments, likes, and emojis you share with each other. Popularity is defined by the number of followers a person obtains –PAUSE– I’m getting off track so lets save the evil side of social media for another night. Regroup, and go!

Its such convenience, but then we don’t talk much when we are sitting next to each other on the couch. I read an article from Cosmopolitan, where a couple took out all moderns forms of communication for a week and only spoke on landlines (they were long distance). She spoke of how excited she was when it was time to call her boyfriend each night and how it might have brought them closer, but by the end of the week she couldn’t wait to go back to texting.

Maybe its just a sad delusion that needs to conform to our conversationally enhanced fingertips. Maybe I’m a dying breed. Maybe I just need to think of more things to talk about. The world may never know.

Lookie here! Nearly five hundred words after claiming to be unprepared! I didn’t want to just dive right into something nitty gritty or controversial, so i am very pleased to have eased you all in. Not convinced it was the “hook, line and sinker” that I was hoping for, but I will take it as a victory! THANK YOU FOR READING!